Gala dinner / PARTY NSW show

“Not a normal gala dinner, a real party night dinner the Mundikat way!”

Food & Drinks included - € 50.00 per person

On Saturday the 16th of February 2019, during the North Sea Winner (NSW) event in Uitgeest, Mundikat will organize a gala dinner/ party. The location of the gala is less than 1km from Hotel Akersloot.


Bobs Party & Events
Westerwerf 1
1911 JA Uitgeest
Contact and info - E-mail: info@mundikat.nl

From 20h00 till 00h30

There is a limited amount of 220 spaces for the gala dinner / party. It will be amazing and spectacular.

Price: Only € 50.00 per ticket (cost price € 69.00)

This includes food, drinks (unlimited) and a guaranteed good time the Mundikat way.
The usual Mundikat ingredients will be present in ample supply :  a lot of laughter, a lot of food, a lot of drinks and a hell of a lot of fun!


Menu (Buffet D-Luxe):

Differend types of luxury bread with tomato tapenade, aioli and homemade garden herbs butter.

Cold dishes:
Mozzarella salad, mini buffalo mozzarella with a green salad and a delicious pesto dressing
Pasta / salmon salad, prepared with Norwegian red salmon, tricolore pasta and a fresh homemade
honey mustard dressing
Tuna in green, fresh green salad with tuna, olives and red onion
Jamon serrano, Spanish dried ham garnished with melon
Salad salad richly topped with meat products fresh from the knife
Beef carpaccio, thinly sliced ​​beef with pine nuts and Italian old cheese
Pepper mackerel, fresh from the sea and smoked deliciously
Trout fillet served just after smoking, so at its best
Duo of Norwegian shrimps and crayfish tails, served with a creamy whiskey sauce

Hot dishes:
Devil's prawns in a sauce of red peppers, garlic and oil
Sambal goreng beans, green beans in soft spicy coconut sauce (v)
Chicken, tasty tender pieces of chicken in an oriental sweet soy sauce
Tenderloin fresh from the knife with a creamy mushroom sauce
Beef Stew
Vegetarian lasagna

Side dishes
Potato gratin, thin slices of potato au gratin from the oven
Deliciously fragrant white rice
Various cold sauces, such as home made garlic sauce and chili sauce

Special Ice cream buffet