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Show Manager:
Marcel Frank -

Show Entry:
Linda Dooremalen -

Rudi van Biesen -

Frederik Vervaet -

Public Relations & Press:
Anna Wijbrands -

Marleen Rooijmans -

Kim Keja -

Build up:
Walter de Raadt -


Invited judges:

Ad de Bruijn (NL-1A,3,4)
Luigi Comorio (IT-AR)
Thea Friškovec (CH-AR)
Stéphane Henry (FR-1,2)
Gianfranco Mantovani (IT-AR)
Martti Peltonen (SE-1B,2,3,4)
Eric Reijers (CZ-AR)

Our judges

Our judges at the NSW show 2019:

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Qualifications for the North Sea Winner(NSW) show (2019 rules):

Only cats of fully recognised breeds and their fully recognised varieties as well as house cats belonging to individual FIFe members may participate at the NSW Show.

Participation in the NSW is only possible for cats which have obtained the minimum necessary qualification depending on the class in which they compete at the NSW Show:

a. Classes 1 – 6 (adults and neuters):

No qualification needed, cats having obtained the title International Champion, International Premier or higher are automatically qualified.

b. Classes 7 – 10 (adults and neuters):

3x Excellent 1 in classes 11 – 12 or

1x Best in Variety in classes 7 – 12 or

1x Nomination for Best in Show in classes 7 – 12

For classes 8 and 10 (neuters): no qualification needed for cats having obtained the title International Champion or higher, these cats are automatically qualified.

c. Class 11 (juniors):

3x Excellent 1 in classes 11 – 12 or

1x Best in Variety in classes 11 – 12 or

1x Nomination for Best in Show in classes 11 – 12.

d. Class 12 (kittens):

1x Excellent 1 in class 12.

e. Class 14 (house cats):

1x Nomination for Best in Show house cats

No qualification needed for Distinguished Show Merit (DSM) house cats, these cats are automatically qualified.

In all cases where qualifications apply: the qualification period is the 13 months period prior to the NSW Show.

Qualifications obtained during the 13 months period prior to the NSW Show by cats belonging to breeds resp. varieties in preliminary recognition phase are valid if the breed resp. variety achieves full recognition prior to the date of the NSW Show.

The qualification for the NSW Show is checked and confirmed by the National Federation or Club where the exhibitor holds his membership.

Entry fee NSW:

Entry is possible in classes 1 to 12 + 14 (domestic cats). The entry fee for the North Sea Winner Show 2019 is € 47.50 per cat.

Manual payments to our Mundikat account: 
Account IBAN number: NL25 INGB 0003 8924 71

Please clearly indicate your name and "NSW 2019"

On request ( we can send you an invoice & payment link.
Please pay for your entries upon entry. Your entry is only confirmed if the payment has been received.

After 31-12-2018 no cancellations will be accepted.
After 15-01-2019 no changes will be accepted.

After your cat has been registered by our show secretariat you will receive a confirmation pending approval of the qualifications by your national member.

Saturday night party night:

On Saturday night we will organize a dinner combined with a party. So this will be something like an informal gala dinner. We will have a great time and enjoy some great food and company.

Details on pricing, timing and location will follow shortly, but everyone is welcome to join.

Hotel information:

Van der Valk Hotel Akersloot / A9
Geesterweg 1a
1921NV Akersloot
Tel +31 251 36 18 88

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Heiloo
Kennemerstraatweg 425
1851 PD Heiloo
Tel: +31 72 505 22 44



Eigen kooien / Own cages / Eigene Käfige

Beste exposant,

Op de NSW show worden ‘eigen kooien’ onder specifieke voorwaarden als toegestaan. Deze voorwaarden vindt u op onderstaande pagina op de website.


Dear exhibitor,

At the NSW show ‘own cages’ will be allowed under specific conditions. These conditions are indicated on the website below.


Sehr geehrter Aussteller,

Auf unserer NSW Ausstellung werden "eigene Käfige" unter bestimmten Bedingungen erlaubt. Diese Bedingungen sind auf der folgenden Website angegeben.