Mundikat Pedigree Book

Mundikat as a federation of FIFe, maintains a pedigree book. This means that the federation is responsible for recording the pedigree data of all pedigree cats bred by the Mundikat members.

The purpose of the studbook is to register and archive the pedigree data to enable breeders to pursue their hobby and to research the pedigree of their animals.

The pedigree book/ register is maintained by the Breeding & Registration commission. This Commission is engaged in, among other things, publishing pedigrees, importing cats from other (foreign) associations and giving breeding advice.

The commission supervises compliance with the FIFe rules and the Mundikat rules for breeding purebred cats.


Online register pedigrees & show titles

At Mundikat you can apply for your pedigrees and show titles of your cats online. This can be done in the membership portal. A link to the portal is indicated below:

To the membership portal


Breeding & Registration Commission

Ad de Bruijn

General Secretary
Henny Bok
073 - 656 48 02