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Mundikat is a cozy and active cat club. The federation is affiliated to the FIFé, the Féderation Internationale Féline, an umbrella organization in which over 40 countries are represented. Mundikat is a non-profit organization.

Mundikat operates a pedigree register and annually organizes about twelve cat shows throughout the country where cat lovers can have their cats judged by international FIFe judges. In addition, Mundikat publishes an interesting full-color club magazine six times a year, full of fun stories, beautiful photos and interesting articles.
Mundikat was founded in 1976.

Mundikat attaches great value to responsible breeding and keeping of cats and is actively committed to this. For example, Mundikat is active in both the OP and Working Group Cats - PVH and is open to be a conversation partner for the local Government.


Mundikat & FIFe

Mundikat is a FIFe association, but what is it exactly? Well the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) is one of the largest purebred federations in the world. It was founded in 1949 by three purebred cat associations from France, Belgium and Italy with the aim to unite cat associations, regardless of their legal form and their country of origin. The aim of the federation is to improve the welfare of (purebred) cats and to promote uniformity in regulations by standardizing recognition procedures, harmonizing pedigree records and creating a joint health policy. This is reflected, for example, in the FIFe Judge Training Program which has already produced more than 200 international judges active around the world.

Over the years, FIFe has created its own structure that provides the same clarity to more than 75,000 cat lovers in 43 countries. The FIFe organization consists of the board consisting of six people who come from clubs or associations affiliated to FIFe. The FIFe board ensures that the members act according to the statutes and regulations. In addition, FIFe has five committees, each with its own specialization, such as health, pedigree book affairs, exhibitions, etc. These committees support the board and implement the decisions of the General Assembly and of the board.

The last organ of FIFe is also the most important. The general assembly is the "legislature" within FIFe. Once a year, representatives of all FIFe members meet. Every country has a national FIFe member. This club or association is a completely independent institution that has agreed to act on the basis of the rules agreed within FIFe. Each member has the right to come up with proposals that can then be voted on. Only resolutions adopted by majority vote at the general assembly can subsequently be implemented by the committees. The board then ensures that everyone adheres to the agreements made.

Like Austria, the Netherlands has two national FIFe associations, but they are an exception to the rule of one association per country. The Dutch FIFe associations are Mundikat and Felikat. Mundikat is an active member of the FIFe. For example, the association has already organized a FIFe World Show twice and has actively promoted the "open door policy" which makes it possible for members of independent associations to bring their cats out at FIFe shows.

Passion for purebred cats crosses all land borders, only together can the importance of pedigree cats be promoted. International cooperation is therefore of great importance for breeders and enthusiasts and associations. Mundikat therefore attaches great importance to its membership of the FIFe and actively tries to propagate this to its members. That is why Mundikat organizes a FIFe hearing every year. At this meeting, all proposals submitted by FIFe members and FIFe committees will be discussed. Mundikat members are given the opportunity at the hearing to help determine how the association should vote for the general assembly of the FIFe and thus indirectly influence what is decided within the FIFe.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members of Mundikat:

Anneke Hartman - Kohler
Henny Bok - Houtsma 
Ad de Bruijn
Atte Coree
Bep Coree - Smit
Nelly Helders
Gerda Tjeerdsma - Kuipers
Hennie Vossen - de Koning
Paula van de Wijngaart

Reiny van Haeringen - Schoo 19 June 1927 † 4 October 2014 
Simone Rooker - Miedema 1 March 1922 † 29 August 2008

Bank Details

When paying to one of our accounts, please mention your membership number and if available the Mundikat invoice number.
We have an automatic financial administration link with our banks and this will help to process your payment as soon as possible. 


NL35 RABO 0379 8649 08

NL25 INGB 0003 8924 71


NL18 RABO 0103 3712 73


NL22 INGB 0002 1454 58


NL60 INGB 0002 6357 88