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Interested to become a Mundikat member? Then we cordially invite you to apply for membership! 

Use the English version of the entry form to become a Mundikat member:
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Our 10 commitments

  • Online and digital application for pedigrees & titles (English Q1-2020)
  • Personal contact and customer oriented.
  • Online & Easy payments via eg. iDeal or credit card and payment by payment link
  • Pedigrees in house within 3 weeks (provided application is complete)
  • Discount on entries at Mundikat shows
  • Discount on seminars and lectures
  • 6x per year a 52 page informative and full colour magazine in house or digital
  • Mentorship via CAT Foundation
  • 5-6 show weekends per year.
  • Help in hard times

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Membership Administration



For new members...


Mundikat is one of the larger cat associations in the Netherlands with around 1,100 members in which lovers and breeders of cats are united and who all have the same interest, namely cats. The purpose of the association is to create opportunities for its members to be able to exercise their hobby with cats in a responsible manner.

Mundikat itself is affiliated with FIFe, the Féderation Internationale Féline. The FIFe is an umbrella body to which 40 countries are affiliated. Annually at the general meeting of members of FIFe the policy for the coming year or years is outlined by the joint members. For example, rules are laid down regarding the organization of cat shows, so that they are the same for all countries. The FIFe breed standards apply to all affiliated clubs / federations.



Why become a member? As a member you can visit the general meeting, breed with your cats and exhibit your cats. Only as a member can you use the pedigree book and ensure that your kittens can get the correct proof of descent and / or pedigrees. And only as a member of a club you can register for shows. All of course according to the regulations applied by Mundikat and FIFe.

If you decide to become a member, or if you only want information, or a subscription to the magazine, you can turn to the member administration. Once you have been accepted as a member or a family member, you will receive the various regulations that apply for all members within the association and that you must study carefully, store carefully and, of course, keep in mind. You can also find these regulations on our website.


We hope that you and your animals will have a good time at Mundikat and that we may greet you at one of our exhibitions or information evenings and at the members' meeting.
If you would like to be active in the association, do not hesitate to register with one of the board members.

Membership per 1 January costs € 65 per year, or start every other month at a proportionally fee.

Membership fee Mundikat

  • Membership fee € 65,00 per year
  • One time administration and entry fee € 5,-.

Including Mundikat magazine 6 times per year.

When you are a Dutch citizin, normal reduced rates apply of € 27.50 per year. 

Family member Mundikat

  • Additional family member € 10,- per jaaryear
  • One time administration and entry fee € 5,-.

Only possible if a member of your Household is a main member.

Catteries can only be regstered on 2 persons if both are a member.

Apply Cattery name

  • One time registartion cost of € 40.00 for a FIFe registered cattery
  • Only possible if you are a main member of Mundikat