Show Agenda

 Here you will find an overview of all Mundikat shows that are planned this year. For foreign shows, please refer to: where you can find an extensive overview of all FIFe shows worldwide.


Show Info


Entry Fee

Here you will find an up-to-date overview of the rates applied by Mundikat with regard to its exhibitions.

Show Fees (includes 1 catalog, 2 persons entry fee):

Adult Cats € 30.00
Veterans (of over 7 years) € 17.50
Veterans (additional judgement) € 12.50
Neuters, Kittens & Juniors € 30.00
Domestic Cats € 17.50
Litter (1 kitten included) (4-7 mnd.) € 37.50
Hors Concours € 22.50
Extra cage for 1 cat € 15.00

Extra cage for 1 cat, 2 days

€ 27.50









‘For Sale' notes are NOT possible.

Only for Mundikat members: always € 2,50 discount per cat classes 01 - 12. Surcharge for paying at show entry: € 7.50 per cat on top on regular fee of €30,00.
Late entry / change (nafter close date): € 7,50 extra.

You must take care of a timely payment (at least 3 weeks before the show) of the registration fees! Mention the participant, membership number and the show.


Show Payments 

IBAN: NL18 RABO 0103 3712 73
t.n.v. Mundikat TOC

Any questions? Just e-mail:

Advert in catalog:

You will receive an invoice.


Coordination Show build up:

Walter de Raadt


Coordination stands:

Kim Keja

Admission requirement

To participate in a Mundikat show you have to meet a few conditions. Check this list carefully, because only cats that meet all conditions are allowed on the show.

Veterinary conditions

The veterinary examination takes place between 7:30 and 8:30. Every cat must be veterinary approved before entering the show hall. The cat is subjected to a short check-up by a vet. In addition to the cat, an animal passport is required! The vet pays special attention to two important things. These are described below.

1. Valid vaccinations & chip:

The animal passport is used to determine whether the cat is in possession of valid vaccinations. The cats must have been vaccinated against feline panleucopenia, feline calici virus and feline herpes virus, and have always had the required vaccinations and/or boosters, at least 15 days prior to the show.

Vaccination against rabies is to be according to national legislation. All vaccinations are to be performed by a veterinarian in accordance with the national veterinary legislation of the country where the cat is living. The period of validity for the vaccinations is marked by the veterinarian in the pet passport or on the vaccination certificate and must always be respected. FIFe Members may not impose stricter vaccination rules. It is the exhibitor’s own responsibility to check the veterinary rules of the country where the show is held.

A minimum age of 4 months applies to kittens and litters.

2. The condition and health of the cat

In addition to a check of the animal passport, the vet also subjects the cat to a check. Attention is paid to the condition and health of the cat. Particular attention is paid to the presence of potentially contagious conditions such as mold, ear mites, cat flu, fleas, etc.

For all white cats, the exhibitor must submit a non-deaf statement, white cats without this proof and deaf cats are not allowed. It is also prohibited to administer stimulants or narcotics. This is up to the vet's assessment.

Other conditions

- Your cat's nails should be cut 1-2 days before the show.
- In case your cat does not like it at a show, leave him / her at home next time.
- Cats that cannot be handled receive a “yellow card” warning. If a cat has received a yellow card twice on a Mundikat or Felikat show, this cat will be denied access to shows forever.
- With participation in the show you indicate that you will only leave the show after the Best in show. Early departure leads to a disciplinary measure, which means exclusion from participation in Mundikat shows for a calendar year & a notice to your club's federation
- Cats entered in class 14 (domestic cats) can only be released on show after reaching the age of 10 months if they have been neutered.

Excluded from registration and therefore not admitted to the exhibition are:

- Scottish Fold and Munchkin
- Unrecognized breeds resulting from a crossbreeding of a domestic cat (Felis Catus) with a feral cat species, or of a crossbreeding of a domestic cat (Felis Catus) with a hybrid cat (F1-F4) originating from a crossbreeding with a wild cat. E..g. the Savannah.
- Blind cats
- Pregnant and lactating cats


Questions? Just send an email to: