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The show takes place on 08 and 9 June 2024

UITGEEST - 08 & 09-06-2024

Optisport | Sporthal De Zien
Zienlaan 4,
1911 TR Uitgeest
The Netherlands

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Show information

For exhibitors

You can register for our shows via the link of the relevant show.

For exhibitors, Mundikat offers special rates for 2 day shows / events. For registrations for both days you will receive an extra discount per cat of € 5.00 for cats in class 01 to 12. You will therefore pay € 50.00 as a Mundikat member and € 55.00 as a non-Mundikat member. Payments for show registrations can be paid on the NL18 RABO 0103 3712 73 account.Mundikat TOC. Here you will find an up-to-date overview of the rates applied by Mundikat with regard to its shows.

Rates (incl. Catalog, 2 people access)

Adult cats € 30.00
Veteran (extra judging) € 12.50
Neuter € 30.00
Kitten or junior € 30.00
Domestic Cats € 17.50
Litter (4-7 mnd.) € 37.50
Outside of competition € 22.50
Extra cage for 1 cat € 15.00

Extra cage for 1 cat, 2 days

€ 27.50









'For Sale' listing is NOT allowed.

Only for Mundikat members: always € 2.50 discount per cat for the class 01 up to and including 12.

Surcharge when paying at the show: € 7.50 per participant on top of the normal price of € 30.00.

Late registration / exchange (after closure): € 7.50 extra per cat.

You must take care of a timely payment (upon registration) of the registration fees!




For visitors

Visitors are welcome at all Mundikat shows.The exhibition is open to visitors from 9.30 to 17.00.

Come and visit us to admire the hundreds of beautiful cats of all kinds of different breeds. From cobby British to a beautiful elegant Siamese. They will all be there.

The entry fee is € 5.00 for adults and € 2.50 for children for normal Mundikat shows.
For the NW event in Uitgeest the entry fee is € 7.50 for adults and € 5.00 for children and age over 65.

See you.




Stands are welcome at all Mundikat shows. For stand hire and conditions you can contact Mrs Kim Keja for more details, prices and all other questions. This can be done directly via e-mail by clicking the button below.

Other rates apply to the Easter show than to other regular shows.

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Entry for foreign shows


Mundikat members can enter their cats for shows outside the Netherlands by using below link