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The registration office for shows abroad is a service for Mundikat members. Within FIFe it has been agreed that clubs are responsible for their members. This means that clubs are obliged to check the registrations of their members. Within Mundikat we take this obligation seriously.

You can register for a show abroad in two ways:

  1. Through the online registration form for shows abroad you can register for all foreign FIFe shows in which you want to participate.

  2. Via the online form of the organizing association. Please note that the confirmation of registration with direct registration via the organizing association must be sent for check and approval (with the exception of Felis Belgica, this is done automatically) to

Via the link below you can register for a show abroad.


Register for a show

Entry FIFe World Show 2020
Milan - Italy


The FIFe World Show 2020 is cancelled


Registration period is from 1 March to 20 September 2020

● The registration fee per cat is 60 €.
● Entries will only be accepted if they are confirmed by the FIFe clubs.
● Cancellation of the registration after 20 September 2020 will not be refunded.
● Notifications are only possible for exhibitors of FIFe clubs.

For more information:





Andrea van Elmpt
Vaalrivierstraat 10a, 1091 PD Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20 785 2017 (or use the voicemail)

Changes and cancellations must be made in writing and preferably by e-mail. Upon cancellation you still have to pay if the registration period is closed.



Andrea van Elmpt
Vaalrivierstraat 10a, 1091 PD Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20 785 2017
(or leave a voicemail message)