National Winner (NW)

Starting 2011, FIFe has decided that, every FIFe member may reward its best cats with the new title National Winner (NW).

Mundikat may only award the NW title to their own members. All points obtained at a Mundikat show count towards this title. Points obtained at a show in which not all categories can participate don't count.

The National Winners for this year will be announced in the new year.


Score count

(per 2019)

 Established points count maintained by Mundikat:

- 5 points for U1 in kitten class 11 en 12 or certificate class 1 t/m 10

- 15 points for nomination Best in Show

- 25 points for Best in Show

- 35 points for Best in Categorie

- 40 points for Best of Best

Points of a show are not cumulative, per show a cat can earn a maximum of 40 points.

All points obtained in a show season are added. A show season concerns all Mundikat shows in a calendar year. To qualify for an NW title, a minimum of 50 points must be obtained. In case of a tie, the most points on the least number of shows is decisive. If this is not decisive, the number of BIS in a season counts. If this is also the same, both cats will be awarded with the NW title.

For each category, the NW title will be awarded to the best male, best female and best neuter. In addition, the NW title is also awarded to the best domestic cat. It does not matter whether the points have been achieved in the kitten class, junior class, open class or neuter class. If the cat participates as a neuter at the last show, then this cat will compete for the best neuter and not for male/ female. The points obtained non-neuter classes do count. No points can be earned in the veteran class.

A maximum of 15 titles can be awarded per year. The title will be registered in the same way as all other titles. NW comes before the name of the cat and other titles. The year in which the NW title was obtained is not stated.

To be eligible for a NW title, the owner of the cat must be a member of Mundikat throughout the entire show season.

An interim score can be published periodically, no rights can be derived from this.

NW 2019

Below the National Winners 2019. A huge congrats on obtaining the NW title.

Category 1

NW NSW SC Lengree Napoli, JW, DSM - kater – PER a 21 33
Eigenaar: Joke Smid-Smit

NW IC Destiny of Exotic Stars – poes – EXO ns 03 22
Eigenaar: Astrid Lamain-Meulenkamp

NW IP Iggy of Qiwidolls - kastraat – RAG a 03
Eigenaar: Ingrid Bats

Category 2

NW GIC Senoja's Snow Wolff - kater - MCO w 64
Eigenaar: Richard Katuin

NW SC Frizzy's Fortune Koh-I-Noor, DVM - poes - MCO n 22
Eigenaar: Heidi Terburg-Lemmers

NW NSW SP Senoja's Yentle, DVM, DSM - kastraat MCO n 22
Eigenaar: Annelie Weijman

Category 3

NW IC Enjoy van het Silver Rijk, JW - kater - BSH ns 22 64
Eigenaar: Roelie Scheenstra

NW Jimoje's Silver Sugar Lee - poes - BSH ns 22 64
Eigenaar: Ineke de Haan

NW NW Pr. Ch. Real Colors Ayunda Daya – kastraat - BSH b
Eigenaar: Leni van Leeuwen-Lankhaar

Category 4

NW NW SC Cuchi Raúl Buho *ES - kater – ABY n
Eigenaar: Andrea van Elmpt

NW NSW SC Sweet Cats Daar word je blij van - poes – OSH b
Eigenaar: Annemarie Huijbrechts

NW IC SP RebelHeart's Amazing Kees, DSM - kastraat - SIA n 21
Eigenaar: Roma Collazuol

Category 5: Domestic

NW Bohdi - kastraat - HCS
Eigenaar: Monique van den Brink

National Winners