National Winner (NW)

Starting 2011, FIFe has decided that, every FIFe member may reward its best cats with the new title National Winner (NW).

Mundikat may only award the NW title to their own members. All points obtained at a Mundikat show count towards this title. Points obtained at a show in which not all categories can participate don't count.

The National Winners for this year will be announced in the new year.


NW 2014

Below the National Winners 2014. A huge congrats on obtaining the NW title.

Categorie 1

NW IC Durante's Winter Storm, JW - kater EXO e
Exposant: Astrid Lamain

NW IC Durante's Maxime - poes EXO g
Exposant: Sylvia Groenheide

NW IC Daisy van Syltin's Huis - kastraat EXO fs 22 62
Exposant: Sylvia Groenheide

Categorie 2

NW NW GIC Gucci La Maison des Chats - kater SBI a 21
Exposant: I. v.d. Beek

NW GIC DK* Seierø's Prinsess Josephine, DVM - poes RAG n 03
Exposant: Marian Groenendijk-Verbeek

NW GIP Senoja's Panther - kastraat MCO n
Exposnat: Annelie Weijman

Categorie 3

NW Barriere de Broeckloni - kater BSH ns 22 64
Exposant: Tom Spicek

NW Annie Aster Engelcat CZ - poes BML fs 11 31
Exposant: Linda Dooremalen

NW IP SC Thalia's Pledge Dalitha Elfi - kastraat BRI a
Exposant: Ria Greijmans-van Osch

Categorie 4:

NW CH Sweet Cats You ain't Seen Nothing Yet, JW - kater OSH b 25
Exposant: Anne-Marie Huijbrechts

NW Johpas Redzilla - poes SIA d
Exposant: Jacqueline van Rij

NW GIP Ruari v/h Vorstendonck - kastraat SIA d
Exposant: Vera Grotenhuis

Domestic Cats:

NW Khan - kastraat HCS n 09 23
Exposant: Melissa van Dijk

National Winners