National Winner (NW)

Starting 2011, FIFe has decided that, every FIFe member may reward its best cats with the new title National Winner (NW).

Mundikat may only award the NW title to their own members. All points obtained at a Mundikat show count towards this title. Points obtained at a show in which not all categories can participate don't count.

The National Winners for this year will be announced in the new year.


NW 2011

Hieronder de winnaars van 2011. Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie National Winners.

Categorie 1

NW GIC Lionstone’s Starbucks (PER ny 11) - male
Eigenaar: Ellen van Klooster

NW IC Durante’s Fabiënne (PER fs 23 62) - female
Eigenaar: Astrid Lamain-Meulendijk

Categorie 2

NW GIP Big Love’s Atomic (MCO ds 09 23) - male
Eigenaar: Winni van Amersfoort

NW GIP Bubblicious vd Mainly Queens (MCO f) - female
Eigenaar: Els Kemker-Schultz

Categorie 3

NW IC/GIP Cristiano van M&M of Beem (BRI c) - male
Eigenaar: Moniek & Fred Iwema

NW Jewels Choice Peaches. JW (BUR d) - female
Eigenaar: Linda Dooremalen

Categorie 4

NW Ch. Ismael Bon Voyage SK (OSH d 24) - male
Eigenaar: Henny Jansen

NW Pr/CH Moneypenny v/h Vorstendonck (SIA h) - female
Eigenaar: Jacqueline van Rij & Paulien Vorster

Domestic Cats:

NW Nala (HCS g 03 21)
Eigenaar: Anouk Blomsma

National Winners